Guy ‘Intertek’ Thomason

Guy Thomason is the first developer to create a dedicated VZ emulator for Windows and a few other platforms.
His interview is below:

[Q] What’s your preferred handle?
[-GT-] Guy if you know me, or Intertek if I want to sound smart or you don’t believe Guy is a real name

[Q] Do you work in the computer field? In programming?
[-GT-] I work as an analyst/programmer for IBM

[Q] Sounds like a good job. How long have you been interested in computers?
[-GT-] Since about age 13 when I went to the schools computer lab and saw an Apple II (that’s about 16 years ago now)

[Q] Around the same time as myself.. What languages do you program in and which do you prefer?
[-GT-] Basic, C, 80×86, Z80, Cobol, Natural, Pascal and dabbled in a few others. I prefer C because you can do a lot with it.

[Q] I’m starting to like C myself.. What motivated you to create the VZ ‘Em emulator?
[-GT-] – The VZ was my first and still favourite computer

  • Every other old computer had an emulator except the vz
  • I still used the vz300 but didn’t like the crappy keyboard
  • It’s an interesting project/hobby
  • I wanted to preserve all the old software & games

[Q] Great! When did you start programming VZ ‘Em?
[-GT-] Originally around 1998 but I blew up my computer when I tried to upgrade it myself. I started again in May 1999 and got the sucker working in July.

[Q] I blew my VZ-200 up when playing with a paperclip and the Expansion port. Believe me.. they dont mix 🙂
What computer spec and programs do you use to write VZ ‘EM?
[-GT-] Most of the work was done on a Pentium 233 notebook. I used turbo C++ v3.0 for dos

[Q] Okay.. What are your future plans for VZ ‘Em?
[-GT-] Keep improving it, fixing the bugs, writing new vz software etc. I can’t ever see myself getting sick of it – it’s too much fun.

[Q] I feel the same way myself. Where do you see (or hope to see) the VZ in a few years time?
[-GT-] Hopefully a lot more old users will get involved. I’d also like to get a full parts list and try to build one like I see other people doing with old computers. The VZ still has so much potential

[Q] How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
[-GT-] I’d rather talk about nipples

Wouldn’t we all 😉 … Thanks for chatting with me.

Guy has recently been very busy creating an SD Card reader to interface with the VZ computer to read .vz files

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