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Foxglovz is a new Game Library for the VZ computer. Basically this name derives from Fox Game Library On VZ.

It was written by Jason Oakley because the Z88DK only has great support for graphics and, hence, fonts for Spectrum computers. A lot of work has been put in for them, but the others have fallen on the wayside.

Foxglovz is being released under GNU General Public License v3.0 so that others may benefit.

v0.2: This is an early release with limited functionality but is very usable.

v0.3: Released 9 November 2019. This version supports proportional fonts. Hence, all font.h files must contain a charwidth int array with the width of each individual character.
This version will stay on this site for archival purposes. You can download it from the Tools Downloads page on this site.

All future versions will be found at the Foxglovz Github page. A manual for Foxglovz is available from the Foxglovz Manual Dropbox link.

I will upload different fonts to use in the Fox Fonts Download page. They are designed with Spedito. I design each character of the ASCII table from <space> to at least <tilde> ~

An example of the output on a VZ200 emulator is below:

Font test output

Due to how Z88dk works, this is also supported in blocky MODE(0) format:

Foxglovz features:
* Drawing proportional fonts to MODE(1) hires in 4 colours
* Quickly drawing sprites to the MODE(1) screen
* Basic AABB Sprite collision tests.
* Quickly drawing the score to MODE(1) screen
* Basic sprite animation

Future possible plans:
* Joystick support
* Create tiles and scroll background

Note: The monochrome graphics font drawing was originally developed for VZ 200 and VZ 300 computers sold by Dick Smith, but technically should work on any platform supported by the Z88DK development kit so long as it supports monochrome graphics sprites. All other features are VZ-specific.

Sprite animation. The first sprite is set to a static one-image sprite. The next sprite is defined as animating forwards through 3 frames and jumping back to the first sprite. The last sprite animates frames forwards, then backwards.

Note: As of 2022 Foxglovz has been discontinued. You can still read and download the code on Github, but I’ve moved on to TRSE. It does everything Z88DK+Foxglovz could have ever hoped for — and more! I have ported all code from Foxglovz to TRSE and have expanded it exponentially.

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