VZEm – Front End

VZEm – Front End
VZEm – Front End

This is a front end made by Jason Oakley from BlueBilby to use with the newly-released VZEm emulator by Guy Thomason.
It allows you to have a ‘images’ folder and ‘vzfiles’ folder.
The images folder contains images from title screens (or in-game) of VZ games in 500×375 size with the same name as the .vz game file in the vzfiles folder.
Add your latest copy of VZEM to the VZEM folder and when you select a game you will see the screenshot display – if it exists. Then you can click to launch it and it will load in VZEm.
Note that not all games can be started this way from VZEm at this time.

Size: 457Kb
Version: 1.0

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